White Act

World Premiere - November 6th 2014 for Ballet BC.

Take Off

World Premiere - March 24th 2013 for Arts Umbrella Dance Company.

Royal Road

World Premiere - March 9th 2013 for Luna Negra Dance Theater


Premiere - 24th of February 2012, Rossini Theater, Civitanova Marche, Italy.


Premiere - 14th of January 2012, PEACOCK THEATRE, London.

Deus ex Machina

Premiere - 28 of October 2010 for NDT II. Lucent Dancetheater, The Hague.

Naked Ape

Premiere - 25th of September 2009 for NDT I. Todays Art Festival 2009, City Hall, The Hague.


Premiere - 21st of May 2008 for NDT I. Theater Zwembad De Regentes, The Hague.


Premiere - 13th of March 2009, Lucent Dancetheater, The Hague.


Premiere - 20th of January 2008, Lucent Dance Theater, The Hague.

Shift Key

Premiere - 23rd of November 2005 for NDT I. Theater Zwembad De Regentes, The Hague.

Close Up

Premiere - 3rd of April 2009, Brunton Theater, Edinburgh.