Take Off

World Premiere - March 24th 2013 for Arts Umbrella Dance Company.

Choreographer: Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Music: Zoe Keating - One Cello + 16, Exurgency / Coda.
Music edition: Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Decor: Jay Gower Tailor and birds painted by the kids from the visual department of Arts Umbrella.
Costume design: Margaret Jenkins
Light design: Robert Songergaard

Take Off from Fernando Magadan on Vimeo.

A lot goes on in a dancer's mind in that particular moment when they are about to leave school and depart into the professional life. Fears, doubts, and insecurities are contrasted with great curiosity, excitement, and hopes to prove oneself and become a professional dancer. The safety of the school is left behind and with it, countless hours of work and sweat, but also wonderful moments and many friends. Departing from the theme of hope, aspiration, and the fear of the unknown, we created this work.

I would like to thank you to all of the students in Roxanne's class for their significant and beautiful contribution to the stage design, and also to Jay Gower Taylor for making it all happen. This work is dedicated to the dancers and, in particular, to the wonderful people at Arts Umbrella for continuing to provide wings to all those young artists about to take off into a promising future.