Royal Road

World Premiere - March 9th 2013 for Luna Negra Dance Theater

photos Cheryl Mann

Choreography: Fernando Hernando Magadan

Music: Turtle Island Quartet : Variations on My Father's foot steps, Ashwattha.

Musicians: David Balakrishnan – violin - baritone violin
Mark Summer – cello
Mateusz Smoczynski – violin
Benjamin von Gutzeit – viola

Dancers: Renée Adams, Nigel Campbell, Moníca Cervantes, Filipa Peraltinha, Kirsten Shelton, Eduardo Zuñiga and Karl Watson

Lighting Designer: Jared B. Moore
Scenic Design: Fernando Hernando Magadan
Costumes: Fernando Hernando Magadan

About the Work:
"Music is the royal road to the soul" (Sigmund Freud) Music and dance have the ability to speak where words fail. They go beyond the intangible and have the ability to unite us all. These two disciplines share many characteristics and can go beyond what is written, staged, and set. The mystery of why music inherently connects with us will always be contemplated, yet it will continue to touch us deeply, to tickle some universal nerves, to change emotional states, change perceptions, elevate spiritual awareness and even recall memories. This wonderful opportunity of working with Turtle Island Quartet made me re-think our relationship with music, the relationship between music and dance, and how both disciplines have the capacity to go beyond words or ways of codifications, music notation, or Laban Notation for dance. The power of synergy between their non verbal ways of communication has been a constant source of inspiration.

... A new work for LNDT by Magadan closed the show with live, on-stage music from the fantastic Turtle Island Quartet. A chandelier of music sheets and Labanotation notes hanging above the string group, with more crumbled under their feet created a beautiful backdrop for the dancing in Royal Road. The ensemble of dancers again show technical brilliance blending with the musicians in a wonderful riff on the relationship of music and dance.

Rogue Ballerina
March 12, 2013.