Premiere: 14th of January 2012, PEACOCK THEATRE, London.

photos Darrell Berry

Original Concept, Script and Direction: Tupac Martir.

Choreographer: Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Music by: Austin TV, NSM PSM, Nicole Robson.
Costume Designer: Gabriela Gower.
Produced by Satore Studio.

Nierka, it's a new fully-staged multidisciplinary work, created by visual designer Tupac Martir and choreographed by Fernando Hernando Magadan. Premiered at the Peacock Theatre in London on January 14th 2012. It combines music (electronic, orchestra, post-rock and opera), contemporary dance, puppetry, video, lighting, old and new technologies.

The script is written by Tupac Martir with music composed and performed by Austin TV and NSM PSM, the choreography is by NDT Choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan. The performance consists of three acts depicting the rite of passage of a human being. The play develops in the imagination of the protagonist, a dialogue between his conscious and his subconscious, allowing the imagery within it to portray his emotions.

... 'Nierka' is a highly extraordinary piece that transcends most of the common theatrical boundaries, bringing a myriad of different arts together to create a more substantial, a more impressive, a more emotional whole.

Tipsy Hippo Theatre Reviews by John Arthur Craven Ord, Wednesday, 14 December 2011.

... A stunning display of dance, and physical theatre supported by spectacularly versatile display of light, sound and technological artistry. An exquisite blend of contemporary dance, music, and visual arts, Nierka, depicts the tale of human self-discovery. The director leads us through the human right of passage effortlessly blurring the boundaries between movement, light, imagery, sound and theatre.

Play to see, Reviewed by Anthony Davis.