Naked Ape

Premiere: 25th of September 2009. Todays Art Festival 2009, City Hall, The Hague for NDT I

Choreography by Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Original dancers: Menghan Lou, Anna Hermann, Ivan Perez, Sandra Marin Garcia.

Music: Murcof - the Versailles sessions,
JS Bach - Solo violin partita 1, Sarabande e Double, Jonsi and Alex - Sleeping Giant.

Interactive Audio Decor and Soundeffects: Harmen Straatman.

Light: Jeroen Cool.
Decor & Costumes: Fernando Hernando Magadan

This choreography was made for 4 dancers in an environment of audio interactive light sculptures. Made by Fernando Hernando Magadan and sound designer Harmen Straatman for the "TodaysArt" Festival 2009 . Performed at the Richard Meier's impressive City Hall in The Hague.

... The centerpiece of the program, Spanish-born choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan’s “Naked Ape,” in its North American debut by Luna Negra, was the most fascinating and complex of the three pieces presented Saturday.

Chicago Sun Times.
By Hedy Weiss Theater Critic. March 13, 2011.