The time is a house

Premiere: 3rd April 2005, Lucent Dance Theater, The Hague.

Choreography by Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Dancers: Parvaneh Scharavali, Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Music: JJ Frobergier - Suite in sol minor "Lamentation", A Couperin - L'Affligee, Spoken words "David Shrigley.

Decor & Costumes: Fernando Hernando Magadan

The Time is a House is the result of an exploration around the notion of time and the space we inhabit. What exactly do we inhabit? A particular location or space, or the actual time? How much do those two concepts influence our most quotidian actions and our behaviors? By interpreting through dance the poem El Tiempo es Una Casa by Frank Estévez, and making use of the lyrics Don’ts by David Shrigley, The Time is a House depicts the behaviour of a couple in the surrealistic space they find themselves in.