(d)elusive minds

World Premiere - November 13th 2014 - Korzo productions.

photos Robert Benschop

Choreography and set design: Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Choreographer assistant: Katherine Cowie and Yvan Dubreil.

Dancers: Jiří Pokorný and Katherine Cowie.

Costumes design and realization: Carlijn Petermeijer

Music: Schubert / Trio Pour Piano, Violon Et Violoncelle En Mi Bemol, Op. 100.

Music and sound edition: Concept - Fernando Hernando Magadan.
Composition: Fernando Hernando Magadan and Harmen Straatman.

Light design: Peter Lemmens

Text: Inspired by All the stories by Dora Garcia's Inserts in Real Time.

(d)elusive minds from Fernando Magadan on Vimeo.

Each individual has a story, and it is our personalized stories that make us who we are. But what makes our stories fit beyond the parameters of normality? Where is the point in which our story seems to challenge the line between fiction and reality, and what are we conformable presenting to the public eye?
(d)elusive minds is based on the true story of Santiago, a mental patient with Capgras Delusion, a type of Schizophrenia where the person becomes convinced that a family member has been replaced by an identical imposter. In a delusional fit, Santiago killed his wife, whom he deeply loved. For the following fifthteen years he spent in prison, he wrote a letter to his wife every single day, convinced she was still alive. Today he still looking for his wife. Inspired by this story and many other extraordinary stories, this work explores the line between reality and fiction, health and insanity, and the deceiving characteristics of appearances.

...Magadan's movement vocabulary never fails to exite, deriving from his own physicality: frenetic and quirky, at times cramped and staccato, at others fluid and expansive, but always inventive and musical. He and his dancers Jiří Pokorný and Katherine Cowie added a touch of class and sophistication to the evening.

Dance Europe Magazine
Ali Mahbouba. January 2015.

...Especially Magadan delivers a showpiece.

Charlotte Schultz
14th November 2014, Theaterkrant.