Close up

Premiere: 3rd of April 2009, Brunton Theater, Edinburgh.

Choreography by Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Music: Taylor Deupree & Marsen Jules.

Sound installation: Harmen Straatman.
Video: Martin Grega.
Costumes and decor: Fernando Hernando Magadan.

This Dance installation artwork was made for the Curve Foundation Dance Company (UK) together with sound designer Harmen Straatman and visual designer Martin Grega.

All of us are born with a remarkable guiding system which is capable of extremely complex evaluations of most of the life situations we will encounter.
In simple terms, feelings are information responses to situational factors.
But, in which kind of situation does artistic expression place us? What do we expect to find at the time to face an artistic work? Which reason drive us to expres ourselfs in an artistic way? And which kind of emotion the artist wonts to awake in people? Also how can art itself in any form have such an emotional power? Most probably this are the type of questions that we can find in the brain of the artist at the time to face his creativity, at least some of this question arose in my head when creating “CLOSE UP” (a close up into human complexity).

Using 'feelings' (work n.836) by artist Martin Creed as a base I tried to recreate an emotional state.
An state that could be originated from one of those encounter with a powerfull artistic expression.
An expression that is able to stimulate our feelings to such an extend that we are transported to a state of meditation, a state of higher self, an altered state of conciussness.