Dance has always been an element of cohesion, expression and cultural identity. Those inherent social functions are essential for our cultural and personal development. It has also been the oldest and the most personal artistic expression. For many ancient cultures it was seen as a way to communicate with the ancient Gods, creating a personal link with the mysterious powers of the unknown. A cathartic experience. A way to embody our spiritual side. A tool that links us with the mysterious world of the subconscious.

In a time where new technologies and the way we have evolved are drastically changing the way we communicate, the way we express, and the way we live our lives, I want to believe the artistic expression of dance can still be a unique and fundamental way of experiencing the true essence and nature of our physical and spiritual existence. I believe in its power of communicating and experiencing ideas and emotions. When an artist of any sort is inspired they have what can be very closely compared with a spiritual experience.

The viewer, by experiencing this sort of event, may be able to feel what art can just make tangible, the secret essence of things. Or like the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw used to say: The mirrors are used to see your own face, the art to see your own soul.

For me, using dance as a tool there is always an intent to explore and understand. To explore human complexity and his multiples manifestations and understand the world around us and how we interact with it.